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Payment Plans Begin


Gateway Community College, New Haven
20 Church St 06510 New Haven United States
Payment Plans begin TODAY (7/18). To view our payment plans click the link: http://bit.ly/1qA3g72
For more information call the Bursar's Office at (203) 285-2009 or click here: http://bit.ly/1ICuBbc

Quick Tip: Enrolling in an online installment plan, making an online payment, or authorizing someone else to access your account is easy!

1.Sign on to myCommNet
2.Click on the Banner Self-Service link at the top right hand side of the main page
3.Some students who have an account at more than on college will be asked which college account to view - choose “Gateway”
4.Select the Registration and Payment option
5.Choose the Installment Plan and Payment link
6.Click on the Installment Plan Enrollment and Payment box
To enroll in an installment plan select Payment Plans from the top menu and a list of plans available to you will appear. Follow the prompts to enroll
To make a payment select the Make a Payment box
To authorize someone else to access your account and make payments on your behalf select Authorized Users from the 2nd line of top menu.
Remember: Payment reminder notices are always sent to your College email account. To stay up to date check it often.