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Shubert Summer Theater & Arts Camp - Session #2


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The Shubert Summer Theater & Arts Camp is a summer program for middle school students who want to explore interests, potential, and opportunities in the arts. The camp offers students a chance to take in-depth classes in dance, music, theater, visual arts, and creative writing while in an arts rich environment. The camp is open to both New Haven and non-New Haven residents. Located at adjacent Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School, The Shubert Summer Theater & Arts Camp is situated in the heart of downtown New Haven, surrounded by theaters, galleries, and museums. In addition to an arts atmosphere, the camp is staffed by a combination of professional artists, teaching artists, and emerging student-teacher-artists from Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School.

Campers may either sign up for the Theater & Arts Camp which allows them to register and choose from many different arts offerings or sign up for the Musical Theater Camp, which offers a curriculum of singing, acting, and theater-related activities. At the end of each session, the Theater & Arts Camp will perform and display their art in a Camp Showcase Event and the Musical Theater Camp will produce and perform a Musical Theater Review. Both performances are open to all campers, their families, and friends!