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Dragged Into Sunlight w/ Primitive Man and Churchburn at BAR - Free Show!


BAR - New Haven
254 Crown St 06511 New Haven United States

Manic Productions Presents:

Dragged Into Sunlight
The elusive Dragged Into Sunlight possess an increasing number of members, known by their initials.

Having gained notoriety for their exclusive, vicious and ritualistic live performances, Dragged Into Sunlight has established a presence throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S. touring with heavy hitters such as Eyehategod, Weedeater, Black Cobra, Rwake, Today is the Day, Mayhem and Soilent Green.

In 2008, the band released a limited tape ‘Terminal Aggressor’ which was extensively traded, before selling out.

The band’s debut full-length ‘Hatred for Mankind’ produced by Tom Dring (Corrupt Moral Altar), and released on Mordgrimm Records (Anaal Nathrakh), drew comparison to fellow lifers Incantation, Rudimentary Peni and Wolves In the Throne Room. The recording summoned an immediate cult following and set the benchmark for an ultimately unique and extreme sound.

Scribed as thriving “on chaos…. dirty smoke, coke mirrors and painful feedback” (Iron Fist) and assuring the worst is yet to come, Dragged Into Sunlight repressed Hatred for Mankind on Prosthetic Records in 2011.

The monolithic ‘Widowmaker’ surfaced in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim, a single 40 minute recording, praised as “a systematic rite of destruction whose domineering scorched earth tactics leave no synapse or nerve ending unscathed” (Metal Hammer).
Listen: http://www.draggedintosunlight.co.uk/

Primitive Man
Denver, Colorado’s Primitive Man was formed in February of 2012 by Ethan Lee McCarthy, Jonathan Campos, and Bennet Kennedy (current and former members of Vermin Womb, Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death of Self and Reproacher).

In October of 2012 they recorded their debut LP "Scorn" at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Cobalt, Catheter, CTTTOAFF). Scorn was released a collaboration between Throatruiner and Mordgrimm Records. After the release of "Scorn" the band parted ways with Kennedy and recruited Isidro "Spy" Soto to take over on drums. In June of 2013, Primitive Man signed to Relapse Records. Relapse reissued Scorn in August of 2013.

In 2014 the band released a 4 split records with bands such as Hessian, Fister, Hexis, Xaphan and one Noise tape EP in February titled P//M. For these releases the band worked with reputable underground record labels such as Halo of Flies, A389, Init Records, Hypertension and Tartarus for these releases.

Primitive Man unleashed a filthy, malignant maelstrom of blackened doom on their debut album ‘Scorn. Thrillingly misanthropic in their approach, Primitive Man drench their post-apocalyptic vision of the world in waves of feedback, pummeling guitars and hopelessly frightening vocals. If a bright end of summer record is what you’re in need of, run as fast as you can from Primitive Man’s ‘Scorn’—this is grade-a hateful, soul-annihilating music of the darkest order. Dubbed a " totally malignant sounding record and one that will consume you whole if you’re not careful,” by Cvlt Nation, commended for merging “the oppressive weight of doom with the misanthropic bile of black metal” by Blabbermouth and called, “the best worst thing that has ever happened to you,” in an 8/10 review from Metal Hammer, ‘Scorn’ finds Primitive Man celebrating a slow-roasted apocalypse through seven suffocating hymns of hatred, disease and sonic deviance.
Listen: http://primitivemandoom.bandcamp.com/

Churchburn is the musical collaboration between two of the undergrounds masters of misery. Dave Suzuki, best known for his mesmerizing guitar work and brutal drumming in Vital Remains and Ray McCaffrey, who carved out sonic drum patterns for Sin Of Angels and Grief. The two have set out to share with the world their love of the riff. Not only the heaviest but also the most haunting. Each song is crafted with the most sinister of intent. With the addition of Kevin Curley of Thrillhouse on Guitar and Mike Cardoso of Haxen/ I' Destroyer on Bass. Churchburn want the listener to feel a true sense of dread as each song progresses. This is only the beginning...
Listen: http://churchburn.bandcamp.com/